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Steam Shower Spray

If we learned anything from last year’s success of our Extraordinary Shower Duo, it’s that you can never have too much eucalyptus during the holiday season. This year we are releasing 3 new eucalyptus body washes to pair with your favorite Steam Shower Sprays. 
Its the weekend.  You have a day off.
Time to relax and take a shower. 
A fragrant shower. An aromatherapeutic experience.
Have you ever been in a steam room, sat down, leaned back, closed your eyes and enjoyed fragrant eucalyptus?
This is a version for your home. Spray downwards into a warm shower stream and enjoy the inhalation benefits as the steam rises and turns your shower into your very own spa.
Multiple uses: We love using it to freshen bed linens, deodorize rooms and the car. A luxe yoga mat cleaning spray!
100% Pure oil. Not blended with glycerin and inexpensive fillers.
New "no-jam" spray top.

Travertine Steam Shower Spray selected as one of "10 Great Gifts for Travelers -FORBES"