Eucalyptus + Citrus Steam Shower Spray (2oz)

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Eucalyptus + Citrus Steam Shower Spray (2oz)
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Eucalyptus + Citrus 

Make your shower experience EXTRAORDINARY with this fresh new take on our best-selling Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray.
We combine 100% pure eucalyptus oil with citrus for a lively and sweet aromatherapeutic experience.

Spray downwards into a warm steaming shower and enjoy the inhalation benefits as the fragrance turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa experience.

 The TSA compliant jet-set size allows you to travel in luxury. Throw it in your gym bag or deodorize your yoga mat.

Fight back against winter cold and morning congestion.

100% Pure oil. Not blended with glycerin and inexpensive fillers.

Inspirations: Australia and Spain. We love that feeling of a spa day when you don't have to leave the house.  The Steam Shower products make everyday a spa day. We traveled to Melbourne and Tazmania seeking fragrant camphorous eucalyptus. Span for its Seville orange and various citrus fruit.

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