About Us

We are a lifestyle brand of natural/organic body care products, resort apparel, and home products made and designed in the USA.

We travel the globe for inspiration, ingredients, ancient skin care rituals and therapeutic body treatments. The result is a line of unique vitamin rich botanical products.

We are a boutique brand.  You won't find us everywhere - but you will find us in the right places.

We are founded upon the belief that people should treat themselves well.

Eat well.
Dress well.
Splurge on quality.
Have a travel adventure.
Spend time with those you love.

We were founded in 2004 by a former corporate executive (and spa enthusiast) who sought out quality spa treatments as a healthy way to balance the stresses of the boardroom. What better way to de-stress than to treat yourself to products that are well made and feel good.

Our products are made with personal care and attention. The high-end packaging looks like a large luxury conglomertate makes them, the truth is, they are still crafted with care at our atelier.

We encourage our customers to appreciate the present. Burn that candle on your mantle and enjoy it. Heal dry hands with a creamy shea butter hand and nail cream, make the shower an aromatherapeutic experience with a jojoba and botanical body wash, and use natural and clean shampoo and conditioner. Feeling good is worth a few extra dollars – and so are you.

We do this because we choose to – because we love it.

We empathize with need to get away, rest and heal. We want our business and website to be a sanctuary where other weary souls can escape from the rat race.

Be a part of our community. Register for our newsletter. Grab a cup of tea and be amused by our blog. Write a haiku. …and remember to Treat Yourself Well.™