Eucalyptus + Cedar Steam Shower Spray (4oz)

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Eucalyptus + Cedar Steam Shower Spray (4oz)
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The newest edition to our ever popular Steam Shower Spray line.

A typical spa day involves a Eucalyptus Steam room and a Cedar dry sauna.

Why not have the best of both worlds!  Enjoy the inhalation benefits of two delightful spa fragrances in one bottle, perfectly blended by our in-house perfumer.

Make your shower experience EXTRAORDINARY with this fresh new take on our best-selling Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray.
We combine 100% pure eucalyptus oil with a specially selected cedar to create a calming shower experience.

Spray downwards into a warm steaming shower and enjoy the inhalation benefits as the fragrance turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa experience.

Throw it in your gym bag or deodorize your yoga mat.

Fight back against winter cold and morning congestion.

100% Pure oil. Not blended with glycerin, alcohol or inexpensive fillers.

Inspirations: USA. A day at the spa on the California coast is something special. Time to unplug and unwind. Lounge in a robe, drink fruit-infused water an maybe even a nap listening to the ocean.

Steam. Sauna. Relax. Repeat. Travertine Spa Steam Shower products make everyday a spa day. 

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