Travertine has definitely become my favorite brand for therapeutic body/skin care spa treatments! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Dre Drexler
If you're looking for a skin care collection you can honestly trust, choose @TravertineSpaAbsolutely incredible products!
"Had my package by 10:30 am with a handwritten note from David. My eucalyptus steam was blissful! Thank you!"


"I swear you are faster than Amazon when it comes to shipping! Didn't I just order your fabulous facial cleaner yesterday?!!!!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - S.H. Lin


"Thank you Travertine Spa for the Skin Care Trio. I have been waiting for this. As a fan of the body washes and shower sprays, I have always looked forward to getting some aromatherapy before or after a long day at work. A while back a good friend of mine introduced me to the spa world and I am always looking for an opportunity to try different spas when I travel for work. Travertine Spa’s products allow me to “escape” every once and a while when I can’t quite get away. Now that there is a facial care solution, I am actually looking forward to washing my face as well. The toner is very thoughtful because the spray allows for there to be a spa experience versus your typical toner and cotton swab experience. As a Finance Executive, I stress about a lot of different things. However, I am grateful that Travertine Spa has products that not only cleanses and creates experiences, but also is packaged neutral enough I can display it on my bathroom counter without shame." 

                                                                                                                                                                                       -Mr. Sean Wu, Hong Kong



"I also am loving my 'Travertine Spa Collection' bathroom!  I have all my products out and just love them!!!   I used your facial cleanser to remove my makeup and it was amazing!  I wear a paint as a base on my eyes and it is really hard to get off.  It usually takes 2 or 3 washes.  This went off instantly with your cleanser!  And the conditioner was every bit as wonderful as another reviewer wrote. Amazing."
                                                                                                                                                                                                  -J.B. Menlow Park


"I recently placed several orders for gift baskets for my top clients.  I was reassured at the attention to detail and quality of the customer service in ensuring the orders went out as expected.  The gifts were all very well received.  I was delighted to have my personal brand represented by Travertine's high quality and unique products.  It was nice to send gifts that were not the usual, mass production/cheap fare (ie, unappealing thick plastic wrap with hard seams).  Travertine's products really allowed me to distinguish myself."
-MFJ, Attorney, Silicon Valley


"...I love your products!!! They're fabulous and I really feel a difference in my body when I use them...Especially that lavender body wash!...I support you to the fullest...God Bless You!!!"

- Michelle Williams, Destiny's Child

"Working with Terry Carter and Travertine Spa has been a truly wonderful experience. Terry is the master of making things happen, whether it is meeting an impossible deadline or shipping products at the eleventh hour he has always come through for us. His work and his product all represent exceptional quality."

- Odette Perriel, Spa Director
The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey (L.A.)

"Hi Terry! You could not be any kinder with the goodies you sent me!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE TEE'S!!! They are soooo soft and way cute! What do you sell these at, and do you have a minimum order on these? What colors are available? I could probably take a peak online as well! I can not wai to set the display up and forward you a picture!!! One of the massage oils in lavender had leaked (no worries, it wasn't much by any means and it will work perfectly for a tester) the only reason I even mentioned it, our front entrance where the boxes sat, smelled so good! The scent lingered for quite awhile, and my husband has never been a big fan of the scent, but you have changed him! He's even using the body wash you originally sent me! Your candles are beautiful!!! I could go on and on about this order! I love the packaging, I love the scents, I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! And I haven't even used half of them! I'm so excited to be carrying your products...Terry, thank you again for your generousity! I am so excited to be working with you and will hopefully represent you well!!! Safe Travels!"

- Jodi Hoffman, Owner, The Lake Shack Boutique

"You KNOW I love the products and am soooooo very proud of you. We have been using the line at our spa for 1 1/2 years and our staff and clients love them."

- Cheryl Matthews, Owner, Soul 2 Sole Salon and Spa

"The Petal Body cream makes me feel like a woman."

- C. Trent

"I gave Jackie Warner (Workout) the lotion I received in a gift bag! She loved did I. It's rare that she likes a product..."

- Rebecca Cardon, Workout on BRAVO

"I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your product. The hand and nail cream is awesome. I would really like to try the lip therapy...Also how would I be able to go about getting everyone I know out here to try your product?"

- O.Perry

"Terry, I love the products! Bev finally gave me some for Christmas! I really like the Petal body cream. I am so happy that you are doing well. Best of luck in the future!"

- Your "sister" Diane

"The Citrus Body Wash...It has a wonderful scent, and is really great in the shower."

-J.M. Partise

"...great hand lotion!!! I love it"

- Kim Morgan Greene, Everwood

"That is an amazing shirt! I have never felt cotton that soft...the Shea Butter is fantastic. It saved my hands last winter. I use it almost every night. I enjoy "eden", because you really got the scent right. So many lotions have an overpowering smell and yours is just right."

- Ottmar Liebert

"I just got back from Tibet this week. My quartet is performing in Palm Desert, CA, tonight. Your shea butter hand creme was a hit in the mountains and we used it on hands and cuticles and noses and mouths. Everyone was borrowing it from me and wants the web-address of your store. Unlike other lotions your product does not separate when it is freezing at 16,000 fet and does not leave an oily residue. People also commented that the scent of "Eden" is very nice and not overpowering. Great stuff! Well, you and I knew that it is great stuff, but it is nice when 28 fellow trekkers agree!" Cheers

- Ottmar

"That is really above and beyond! It's nice to know that you take such good care of your customers. (High profile or not!) You can be assured that I will pass this story along to everyone that uses your products so they know what a classy person they are dealing with!...So I've already guided [my coworkers] to your website! I love to spread the word about products especially when I love the owner! :) Much love,"

- Kelley Powell, FOX Reality

"I Love your shirts. The material is really nice"

- Shaun Toub, Crash

"I am wearing my new shirt as I type ('s oh, so comfy) and I love the shea butter cream. Very nourishing, indeed."

- J. Emge

"I have three drawers of t-shirts and I wear my pink Travertine t-shirt with the blue sun every other day. I love it. I love the way the fabric feels and even more looks great!!!"

- Nancy Trent, Trent and Associates

"I love the petal body cream!"

- Stacie Smith, San Francisco Bay Club

"Love my soy candle-smells divine! Happy to promote Travertine products anytime in the future!...please let me know about your new products. Thanks so much for contributing to the Operation Smile event-it was such a great turnout-glad you enjoyed the performance!" Much Love,

- Sabrina Sloan, American Idol

"I love it! Very comfortable"

- Nischelle Turner, FOX, Good Day LA

"Dear Mr. Carter, I love your lavender hand soap which actually smells like real lavender! I'm eager to tell our spa director about your products and will encourage her to include them in our retail section. I will see her this weekend. I read the article about you at I loved the following quote: 'I empathize with need to get away, rest and heal. I want to create a sanctuary where other weary souls can escape from the rat race,' Its' so refreshing to see someone with that attitude in the spa industry. You should hang on to that quote, because it certainly sets you apart from the rest!"

- Ruth H.

"I loved your candles..."

- Nick Verreos, Project Runway

"Terry, my friend! I want you to know I have been living in my Travertine grey comfy clothes...I am not kidding, my boyfriend has been joking that it is my 'uniform'. Anyways, how are you? How is everything in LA? I would love to chat more about how we can continue to partner together. I think the absolute world of you! Keep in close touch! XO

- Lindsay Avner, Founder,

"I received the package today...I'm sure my sisters will love the sugar scrub as much as I do."

- G. Hoang