Menthol Crystals

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Menthol Crystals
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New November 2020
A unique aromatherapy experience!
We are spending more time indoors these days. Why not make your environment a fragrant oasis?
What is it?
Pure organic mentha arvensis (Menthol) crystals. Acquired by the cold extraction (freezing) of menthol, which is naturally derived from cornmint essential oil. 
The crystals turn to liquid when heated. Solidify when cooled. Melting point: 95 to 107.6 F. Flash point: 199.4 F.
How to use it?
Place a teaspoon of crystals on an essential oil/candle wax warmer (not a diffuser). Enjoy the menthol vapors and a fragrant environment.
Store at room temperature. Crystals may melt in transit. When cooled, carefully break apart. Net contents 4 oz./ 113 g