Les Trois Toners

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Les Trois Toners
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What is it?

All of your favorite Travertine toners combined in one refreshing package. 


Trio Includes:

Facial Toner (with Sea Minerals)

This facial daily toner incorporates sea minerals such as kelp to restore the skins pH balance. The result is youthful, supple skin perfect for a beachside getaway. 

The benefits: Contains vitamins B, C, and E to protect from radiation and free radicals. The utilization of witch hazel gives this toner anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, allowing the toner to soothe irritated skin from razor burns or bug bites as well as heal bruises and cuts. 


Rosé Water Facial Toner

Imagine lounging in luxury with a chilled bottle of Rosé waiting nearby. Our Rosé Water Facial Toner hydrates and revitalizes the skin, giving you a fragrant treat throughout the day. 

The benefits: Contains Rosa Centifolia, a rare and prized variety of rose, that is known for its soothing and emollient properties.


Neroli Water Facial Toner 

Italian royalty luxuriated in baths laced with Neroli oil, while French royalty used it as an alluring fragrance. Indulge like royalty with an energizing boost that will balance and brighten the skin. The result is an emollient and natural glow.

The benefits: Contains the calming and cleansing properties of Citrus Aurantium, making it the ideal ingredient for those with oily or blemished skin.