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Everybody needs a spa day. The ultimate Ossidiana shower experience.

Aromatherapy Shower Oil
An innovative aromatherapy experience! Your body becomes an aromatherapy scent vessel in the shower. Gently massage a small amount on chest and lower back before shower or bath. Close your eyes and enjoy this relaxing essential oil blend that elevates your shower/bathing experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Rinse off with warm water. Complete your bathing experience with your favorite shower/bath gel.
1 fl. oz/ 30 ml 

Shower Gel
A botanical shower gel made with imported lavender, geranium and spearmint essential oils --inspired by a sojourn to the island of Pantelleria, Italy. Set an intention to enjoy a relaxing shower experience. Mix a small amount of gel with warm water on a natural sponge. Massage into moist skin. Inhale and enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of 100% pure essential oil. Rinse off with warm water. Towel dry. Speak words of gratitude.
8 fl. oz/ 237 ml