Day & Night

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Day & Night

What is it?

The ultimate duo of skin care essentials. Begin your day with our Facial Moisturizer (with Aloe and Sea Minerals) and end your evening with our Prickly Pear Nighttime Hydration. 


Duo Includes: 

Facial Moisturizer (with Aloe and Sea Minerals)

This Facial Moisturizer combines the soothing and cooling properties of organic aloe vera with vitamin-rich trace minerals from the sea. The result is a lightweight, satin-smooth finish with a healthy-looking glow that lasts throughout the day.


Prickly Pear Nighttime Hydration

A deeply rich and moisturizing night cream formulated for ultimate hydration that lasts throughout the night. This anti-aging cream combines the power of succulents, botanical hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and green tea to help nourish the skin, encourage collagen production and battle fine lines and wrinkles.