A Delightful Spa Blend: Eucalyptus Oil + Cedar

8th May 2020

Picture this.Cruising down the California coast to a day at the spa, waiting for you in the hills. Unplug, unwind. Lounge in a robe sipping on fruit-infused water as you listen to the gentle sounds of … read more

Energizing Blend: Eucalyptus Oil + Citrus

30th Apr 2020

Eucalyptus oil has made its name in the world of aromatherapy with its refreshing inhale and soothing, restorative properties. Widely known for its ability to relieve stress through the facilitation o … read more

Treat Yourself Well with Eucalyptus Oil

13th Apr 2020

With the current COVID-19 pandemic occurring, it is no doubt that the attention to self-care has shifted and increased. People all over the world have been taking the proper precautions to keep themse … read more

Eucalyptus Oil: FAQS

6th Mar 2020

If you search for eucalyptus online, it's no doubt that many articles and products will appear in return. Eucalyptus has become a well-known fragrance for its soothing, refreshing properties and for b … read more

Finding Your Center with Eucalyptus

19th Feb 2020

Seeking a private getaway? Due for a spa retreat? Sometimes we need a few moments to show ourselves a little self-love and appreciation.Many spas and yoga centers across the globe utilize eucalyptus o … read more