Green Scene: Eucalyptus In the Home

15th May 2020

With the warmer weather fast approaching, lush flora and refreshing aromas have been making their way back onto the market. The addition of greenery in the home helps to purify the air of harmful toxi … read more

Species Spotlight: Eucalyptus Citriodora

7th May 2020

Eucalyptus Citriodora is known as the Lemon-Scented Gum due to the fragrance of its gracefully drooping foliage. The leaves of this magnificent tree are narrow and lance-shaped, with a distinctive gol … read more

Energizing Blend: Eucalyptus Oil + Citrus

30th Apr 2020

Eucalyptus oil has made its name in the world of aromatherapy with its refreshing inhale and soothing, restorative properties. Widely known for its ability to relieve stress through the facilitation o … read more

Species Spotlight: Eucalyptus Radiata

24th Apr 2020

The Eucalyptus Radiata, also known as the Narrow-Leaved Eucalyptus, is known as the gentler and greener scented version of the Eucalyptus Globulus. The Narrow-Leaved Eucalyptus received its common nam … read more

Tranquility Blend: Eucalyptus Oil + Lavender

23rd Apr 2020

The fragrant oil of the eucalyptus is widely known for promoting relaxation and its ability to facilitate easier breathing. With its refreshing and camphorous aroma, it has become a key ingredient in … read more