Bespoke Perfumery at the Travertine Spa Atelier et Parfumerie

29th Jun 2021

Have you ever dreamt of your own fragrance made by a professional that is unique to you?  Historically bespoke perfumery was an indulgence of royalty. Now you too can collaborate with our Chief Perfumer perfumer to make a fragrance that is designed around you!  

You journey will begin with a consultation with our in-house perfumer. This is an in-depth and personal interview with the goal of formulating the essence of your likes, desires and whimsy. Based on your interactions with fragrance materials, we will create fragrance options for your to evaluate. Generally we require a minimum of 6-8 weeks to complete a new fragrance project. Some fine fragrances take several months. Our own in-house fragrances took from 9 months to 1 year to craft. We encourage you to partner with us in permitting the perfumer enough time to create beauty. 

When you select the perfect blend, we will compound your fragrance, bottle it and keep the formula with a reference sample archived for when you need to re-order. Fine fragrance involves numerous calculations, sourcing ingredients globally, numerous trials -- and a touch of artistry. We make it look easy, however, there is a great deal of science in perfumery. 

Now this premium service that was previously reserved for corporations and celebrities is available to our clients. This service is limited to a small number of clients annually. Please contact us for details.

Want to try one of our fragrances or learn the basics of perfumery? As a natural extension of our product line, we were inspired to create a niche line of fine fragrances inspired by our travels and appreciation of the olfactory. These are unique and handmade niche fragrances created by our in-house perfumer --not the kind of thing you will find mass produced at a department store.

Unique botanical ingredients. Hand-blended. Hand-bottled. Aged. All fragrances are shared unisex fragrances. You and your lover may not want to share the same bathroom sink, but will enjoy the connection of sharing these fragrances. Perfume classes available in person or online. Shipments to US addresses only.

Interested in a one of a kind bespoke fragrance? Contact us for details.

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